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A few things from my scrapbook

Click pictures for a close-up view

Misty Brown's Ally-Cat
regards from Ulrike
August 2016

Misty Brown' Twedlee Dee
per n

Herbert has birthsday, he take a nap.
regards from Ebeltoft.
Preben Fisker

Zebb with his new sleeping companion
he is moving to Sweden

Regards from M.B. Aske and Christina
Christmasregards from
Essie, Maximus
and family. Catharina, Pernille and Jan


Regards from Zebb and Tine
jan. 2017

Regards fom Tippie, Susanne og Annelise.

Aril 2017

Regards from Aske og Christina
may 2017

Regards from   Jane Aamund and Vicky
Jane with M.B. Gina.
May 2017
 Misty Brown's Gina Regards from Vincent and Anne  Hi -I'm ready to go to town with Birthe Lindhardt
may 2017
regards from Alehandro (Simba) and Peter
july 2017

Regards from M.B Tippie og M.B. Fortuna and from Susanne
 july 17

Regards from Nadia and here babies Balder og Attimo spt. 1th.

Regards from M.B. Darci and Karina
november 2017

Regards from Herbert and Preben Fisker
There will always be place for one more.
four lovely boys
regards from Birthe Lindhardt and family
christmas 2017
Summer regards from Romeo og Nadia 2018
 sommerregards  from Jane Aamund og Gina. August 2018 
M.B. Blue Game
per a 21 33


Regards from Misty Brown's Blue Game
and his playmate and from Helle and Svend.
Misty Brown's Fortuna
regards from Susanne and Annelise
august 2018


Misty Brown's Alberth Regards from Nadia -Pręstų
summer 2018
Misty Brown's Tippie want to try the shopping bag.
regards from Susanne and Annelise - summer 2018

Regards from Lotus and here friend
+ from Max


he is moving to Aalborg
dec 2018

Christmas regards fro Aura and Nanna