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Misty Brown's Sheik
Regards from Anna
Feb. 2010

Misty Brown's Merci
Regards from Linda
Feb. 2010

Betty is almost Wold Champion
Sweet regards from Monica
May 2010

Misty Brown's Ashely (Garfield) and perhaps a playmate

Regards from Birthe and Misty Brown's Ashley
Sept. 1010

Misty Brown's Ashley has a cozy time
Regards from Birthe
Oct. 2010

The first day in a new home!
Regards from Misty Brown's Stardust, Sweet Rose and Dionna
Oct. 2010

Stardust enjoys  look at television

cozy afternoon
Sweet Rose and Stardust

I wonder! if the lunch  is  better in this plate

M.B. Megans (per f) first day in here new home-regards from Trine

Regards from Misty Brown's Becky and Sus
dec.2010 Chamamitosu's cattery
Christmas regards from Garfield
Birthe and Holger
Regards from Santana, Indian,Lisbeth and Allan          Christmas 2010


Regards from Misty Brown's Indian and Santana - Lisbet & Allan 2010

Pascal Del Falco D'Oro
PER D 22


IC Pascal Del Falco


Pascal Del Falco D'Oro NOM and CACIB  Schönberg 6.03.2011

IC Swingtime's Goldie of Misty Brown per d 33

IC Swingtime's Goldie of Misty Brown per d 33

Garfield (M.B. Asley)with family
Regards from Birthe & Holger Lindhard

Regards from Sonja and John + Marilou juli 2011

M.B. Marilou think she is like an Icebear

Regards from Misty Brown's Gucci and his parents Susanne and Frank
september 2011

Misty Brown's Gucci with his playmate

Misty Brown's Beauty (Chili)
september 2011

Regards from Henriette and Misty Brown's Beauty
sept. 2011

Regards from M.B.Bibbi and Babalou's cattery okt. 2011

Misty Brown's Buttercup he lives by Linette and Martin

alias Jerry

24. Dec.2011
Misty Brown's Little Missy (Pippi)

Mathilde and Pippi are best friends

mums Missy alias Pippi
christmas regards from Linette and Martin

Alfie-regards from Stephanie

Misty Brown's Petunia
regards from Kristine
may 2012


she is now Wold Champion. i am Verry verry happy an i am so proud of her. :-))
Monika Jepp D.

Misty Brown's Betty Blue
regards from Monika
Dec. 11

M.B. Inka Sun ( Arthur) and his "mum"
Sarah Louise
april 2012

Misty Brown's Inka Sun
per d 21

Garfield regards from Birthe

Garfield and Bluei
regards from Birthe and Holger Lindhard

M.B. Gucci and his friends
may 2012
regards from Susanne & Frank

Misty Brown's Gucci
may 2012
regards from Susanne & Frank Sarong 

Misty Brown's Desert Storm
regards from Katharina may 2012

Hi! it`s a great fun! 
Regards from Blue and Garfield +
Birthe and Holger

I want to taste it
M.B. Blue
regards from Bithe & Holger Lindhard
summer 2012 

Garfield is moving into his own home

I like to sleep cloose

My favorit place.