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A few things from my scrapbook

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My little bear is sleeping
from Holger & Birthe20012

A lovely place I think


We are taking a nap
M.B. Ashley
regards from Birthe & Holger

Just move in by Birhte & Holger
also have a cozy time taking a nap
august 2012

Misty Brown's Gucci
  in the garden
august 2012

Bobby McGee enjoye his life i by Dan
august 2012


Cornelius the first day in Anne Maries home

Regards from Cornelius & Anne Marie
 october 2012

regards from Susanne & Frank
Gucci & Coco

happy hour

Rosemunde BIS CPC carrier october 2012

Regards from Cornelius and Anne Marie
Nov. 2012 

Coco love this place
Regards from Susanne and Frank

M.B. Julius-christmas regards from Anne Marie

Regards from M.B. Baby Doll and Annbritt

Weekend regards from M.B. Zipora and Anne Marie feb. 2013

Misty Brown's Bambino
regards from Julie, Sofie and Marie

M.B. Cornelius
Regards from Anne Marie
may 2013

Regards from M.B. Fuga og Tilde
may 20013

Life is wonderfull
I like to live by Tilde

Regards fro M.B Bijjou og Helene
may 2013

Regards from Torben Kaack and Daisy a little princess June 2013

Regards from Stephanie and M.B. Shadow Dancer alias Andy
June 2013

Regards from Helene
and here two girls

Summertime in the garden by Helene

Sisse og Daisy regards from Torben Kaack
July 2013

Regards from Fuga, Komma and Tilde Summer2013

Toxedo and Hanky Pankys first first day
by Anne Marie
August 2013

Sunday the of september
a lovely day by
Anne Marie

Sunday the 29th of sept.
regards fro M:B. Alabama og Pernille

Misty Brown's Fuga og Komma
regards from Tilde
October 2013

just wake up! 

Misty Brown's Lullo
regards from
Katja Garlin

Regards from Lullo and Katja Garlin
february 2014

Misty Brown's Santino

Misty Brown's Santino
Lives by Alomis Cattery

Misty Brown's
 Red Tiger

Lives By Monika - Von Bremer Rennplatz 

Misty Brown's Theo
Regards from Lina and Andreas feb. 2014

Misty Brown's Adelaide
is now in her new home Together with Gujje Florindo's Persians Sweden!

Theo looking for the funny soapbobles Easter regards from Lina and Andreas

Goodnight- two sweethearts.
regards from Lina and Andreas april 2014

Misty Brown's Red Tiger.Regards from Monika

IC Pascal Del Falco D“Oro
enjoy his life in our garden!!

Pascal it's a lovely day
may 2014

wauw!! look at me

Misty Brown's Adelaide (Lolo)
regards from Gujje

Misty Brown's Nemo (per e)  take a nap. regards fromTonni

Regards from M.B.Shalimar og Kirsten Fredensborg
may 2014
Regards from Theo, Line and Andreas. May 2014.

Misty Brown's Theo
may 2014
I enjoyed the garden with lot of exciting things like flowers and bees -Theo like summertimr.

lovely sommer regards fromTheo.Leo and Andreas July month.

Regards from Monica and M.B. Red Tiger
 July 2014

Luna-Lu and here playmate have a cozy time together

regards from Tilde
 june 2014