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Joke Smid with Misty Brown's Blue Magic

 EC Misty Brown's Blue Magic


The presenter is Martin Gaus and his daughter Sacha Gaus, they are very very well known TV persons on the Dutch television and now is also Magic a well known TV person :-))

By the Royal Canin stand we give a presentation a few times by day with different breeds. Here Joke is with Blue Magic. Magic enjoyed to be with his mum!!

T he first photo is Magic with Television Presenter Martin Gaus


The second photo you can see very good - his lovely face....
Regards from Joke and Ab marts 2006

Claudia with Misty Brown's Red Magic BIS 2005

Misty Brown's Red Magic     BIS winner

Claudia with Misty
Brown's Red Magic

Claudia and Red Magic

Peter with Misty Brown's Red Magic special price and best in show 2006

1.Claudia with Magic BIS winner and special prices + BOB  24.02.2006
2. H
oi Kirsten , magic won the 2nd place of the club challenge 10 best cats of the year
2005/2006 regards Peter and Claudia

Joke Vegter with Misty Brown's Isabella
BIS winner -  2004

Misty Brown's Hot Chokolate BIS winner. He lives with Joke& Remko  Vegter  - 2004

Tess is one of Isabella's babies

One of the first kitten after Hot Chokolate

Butterfly & Rubby
lives in harmony

Butterfly enjoyed the summertime by Inge

1985 my first Ec
Captain Madigus af Tamara BIS winner several times

Regards from Simon, and Annelise + Anton on the pc

Cozy time by Magareta and Mogens Vallentin 2005

at home in Vardevej by Magareta and Mogens

Misty Brown's Alfie regards from Natalie.

Claus and Xavi  2004

Misty Brown's Fireball
one of my breeder cats
per d 33

EP Misty Brown's Nikita
BIS winner several times

When will mummy return??

Vivi's cats play in the snow 2003

Regards from M.B. Christian (7 years old) Vibeke & Mia Andersen

PR Misty Brown's Red Baron NOM for BIS. Many regards from Lone Dianalund