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A few things from my scrapbook

Click pictures for a close-up view

Misty Brown's Alba with her best friend Julie

Regards from Tilde and her 2 cats Komma and Luna
August 2014

Misty Brown's Vibe! The first time in her new home

regards from
Birthe Gutfelt
sept. 2014

28.09.14 Nejmegen NOM BIS
Misty Brown's Red Tiger
regards from Monia Jepp

Misty Brown's Prada
regards from Steffen Swingtime's Persians
Regards from Jane, Rudi and the cats: Agnes Frida Murphy og Mickey Cahlo Murphy


Misty Brown's Tammy Regards from Helene Jarlbak 23.10.14

Misty Brown's Prada
Regards form Steffen
Swingtime's Persiana

Adelaide alias Lolo regards from Gujje
Florindo's Persians

Gucci Jr. regards from Susanne & Frank
Sarongs Persians 

Dec. 2014 Christmas regards from B. Lindhard
Garfield like this place!

Two friendsChristmas regards from Tonni
Dec. 2014
M.B. Gucci Jr. regards from Susanne & Frank
Sarong's Persians

CH Misty Brown's Holly
per g 33

Miver (M.B. Tammy)enjoys the view.
Regards from Leonora and Helene Jarlbak

Misty Brown's Shalimar
regards from Kirsten


lovely saturday
regards from B Lindhard
Mars 2015

Misty Brown's Toulouse, the first day by
Birthe Lindhard and family.
april 2015


Summer regards from four brothers
and their family
the Lindhards

M.B. Adelaide (Lolo) Here first baby regards from Gujje Florindo*s Persians

Regards from Gujje Florindo'd Persian

Isabel Lindhard with  M.B. Gizmo
Blitz foto
v/Anette Damgaard

Isabel and Gizmo as models for Blitz foto

Misty Brown's Gucci Jr.
Regards from Susanne og Frank
Sarong's Persians
June 2015

Misty Brown's Coco
Regards from Susanne og Frank
Sarong's Persians
June 2015

Misty Brown's Coco per n  22 Regards from Susanne and Frank Sarong

Misty Brown's Herkules dec. 2013
regards from
Gitte and Dennis Quistgaard

Misty Brown's Herkules
June 2015
regards from Dennis and Gitte Quistgaard


Misty Brown's Herkules
June 2015

Regards from Cirkeline (M.B. Jive)
and Tove Frederiksen Norway
august 2015

Regards fromCirkeline and here mum!
 Tove Frederiksen
Breeder name

M.B. Gucci Jr.
take a trip in the snow Regards from Susanne & Frank Sarong.
dec. 2015

Vivien with
Misty Brown's Ally-Cat
Regards from Ulrike Puschelfarm

Misty Brown'sCandy Kiss. She is from 2000 and still going strong.
Regards from Nina
Geisler dec. 2015


Misty Brown's Blue Tornado
regards from Trine og Preben Fisker
Jan. 2016
  Blue Tornado the best cat in the world
regards from fam. Fisker

Herbert alias Tornado
makes some knitting
  CH. Cartier Junior
Far : IC Larix“s Snow Walker PER n 2133
Mor: Misty Brown`s Adelaide PER d 33
Florindos cattery

Regard from Birthe and
her girls
BLITZ foto
v/ Anette Damgaard

Happy easter!!  from Birthe Linhard and Toulouse

M.-B. Sylvester Jr.
regards from Mette
june 2016

Regards from Helen and her
three cats. June -  2016

M.B. Essie first day in her new home.
  regards from Pernille

Misty Brown's Tippie
Summer regards from
Susanne og Annelise
uly 2016

Misty Brown's Tippie
with her new toy.
regards from Susanne & Annelise


M.B. Ally-Cat
Bist papa.
regards from Ulrike