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Welcome to Misty Brown cattery!

My cattery name is Misty Brown's and I have been breeding Himalayans and Persians since 1978. In the beginning I mostly liked the sealpoints and the bluepoints but through the years I have added other colours to my breeding. Today I have bloodlines from Royal Row, Featherstone, Lotsapurr, Karabell, Kiikatz, Mossrose, Karabel, Cat Trax and Mountcascade, and also with old english line behind among others.

Good health, exellent temper and fabulous look have always been top priority in my cat breed - which also is necessary for my cats to excel in the cat shows!

My Cattery is officially registered with the Danish Ministry under the "Balai Directive" as a quarantine cattery, authorising me to export to the United Kingdom and Ireland.


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Kirsten Nielsen
Misty Brown cattery